Nashoba FC is a select soccer program administered as a division of Nashoba Regional Soccer Association.  Nashoba FC was created to serve the soccer community by providing an affordable club option that will compete in the Northeast Soccer League. Leveraging the broader resources available to the NRSA, including coaches, field access, and equipment, Nashoba FC will be able to provide our players excellent development programs at a cost significantly lower than those required by other similar programs.

Nashoba FC does not participate in recreational leagues, and thus, players may join Nashoba FC regardless of their participation in their town program.  Our partner program, Nashoba United is a recreational program that participates through the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League, but you do not need to participate in this league, or Nashoba United to join Nashoba FC since they are 2 distinct programs.

Nashoba FC games are generally scheduled on Sundays, and will be played throughout the state so travel for games is often further than recreational soccer, but the competition is more consistent, and since we are a select program, we can ensure a much more evenly matched group of players are selected for teams to enhance both training and game experience.

Nashoba FC is dedicated to providing youth soccer enthusiasts an exciting and rewarding experience while they learn the beautiful game.  Join us and experience the difference!