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McLean Youth Basketball

COVID-19 Policy




last updated: Friday, October 21st 2022



Our COVID-19 policy reflects the current COVID-19 transmission rates in Fairfax County,

and are subject to change as the rate of infection changes.



Regular Season Games and Practices:


There are no specific COVID requirements for regular season games and MYB practices at this time



Mask Requirements:


Unless a player has tested positive within the last 10 days for COVID-19, there are no mask requirements at this time.



Health Screening Prior to Gym Admittance


MYB is not currently required to execute a health screening prior to entering the gym for a practice or game



Vaccination Policy


All participants involved in McLean Youth Basketball are strongly encouraged, but not required, to get the COVID-19 vaccination.



Reporting Positive Test for COVID


1)  Any person participating in MYB must immediately report any positive test results.



2)  Players need to immediately report positive tests to their coaches, coaches must immediately report any positive tests to their Age Group Coordinator, referees must immediately report any positive test to the Referee Coordinator.


3)  In the case of a reported COVID positive result, the quarantine requirements are as follows:


  • IF no symptoms are present, the quarantine requirements are 5 days from the positive test results.  If no symptoms occur, player may return to MYB activities after 5 days but must wear a mask until 10 days after the positive test


  • IF the person with a positive COVID test result is showing symptoms, they must quarantine for at least 5 days and until they are fever-free and symptoms are resolving. Players with positive test and symptoms must wear a mask for at least 10 days after positive test and until symptoms fully resolve.


Spectator limitations:


There are no longer spectator limitations at MYB games at this time

For House League:  Parents are still not permitted to attend MYB Practice Sessions.

For Development League:  No more than one adult per participant at practice sessions and mask-wearing is encouraged.