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The MABLL Academy is the DMV Regions place to learn true box lacrosse and how it translate to field lacrosse.  The  Academy will provide the following:

Teach True Canadian Box Lacrosse

Provide instruction and coaching standards to member clubs to ensure proper and safe Box Lacrosse

Create accountable governance, rules, and officiating to maximize the enjoyment of Box Lacrosse

Give players the tools needed to learn both styles of play and grow as a player.

Assist recreational programs, club programs, and field programs to become meaningfully involved in Box Lacrosse

Maintain proper sportsmanship and provide a great environment to learn the Box Lacrosse Game.

Respect and love the game

Play more box

There will be 6 member clubs under the MABLL Academy.  The number six is significant and correlated to the Haudenosaunee tradition of its Six Nations in the Iroquois Confederacy: The Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca and Tuscarora.  In these Six Nations is where the game and traditions of Lacrosse originated.