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Concussion Resources
Overview Concussion in Sports
CDC Quiz and Fact Sheet
Children's National Medical Center SCORE Program (Safe Concussion Outcome Recovery and Education) 
CDC Head's Up: Concussion in Youth Sports

What is the King-Devick baseline?

Raiders has used the King Devick Remove from Play tool since 2011.  It is a very simple but effective way to detect players with suspected concussion.

In a study released on September 10, 2015, the King Devick test was found to be "86 percent sensitive in detecting whether a concussion had occurred, as confirmed by clinical diagnosis. . . .  Overall, if an athlete had a worsening in their time score compared to their baseline reading, they were five times more likely to have sustained a concussion."  At Raiders, we have found the test to be 80% accurate in predicting concussion. Read more about the recent study here:  King Devick Study
The KD test is run by Injury Liaisons and is a timed reading of numbers on flip cards (or iPad). 
Players who cannot achieve their baseline time after head trauma (or suspected head trauma) are not permitted back on the ice for the rest of the day and are referred for medical evaluation by a concussion specialist. ILs also run through a list of concussion signs/symptoms at time of injury. 
Click here to King Devick discussed on the Today Show:  King Devick Today Show Video

What is the imPACT baseline?

Online Concussion Education

Raiders offers a free online presentation with current information about concussion that is crucial for every player and parent involved in contact sports.

We strongly encourage every parent and player to spend half an hour learning about this important topic (or refresh your memory annually) so that you know what to do when concussion is suspected.  There's a presentation for parents, and a separate one for players.

Get to course through this link:  http://www.ffpc3.com/rrhc.html
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