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Juggling as it relates to soccer is the art of keeping the ball in the air by bouncing it off your foot, thigh, head, chest, back and shoulder (no hands allowed). Soccer juggling will strengthen a player’s technical ability. Juggling is a fundamental skill that is necessary in developing great “touch” with the soccer ball.

The purpose of the Elizabethtown United juggling challenge is to encourage a fun way for our players to become more technical. It will also encourage them to use their soccer ball on a more consistent basis. Juggling is a very useful tool in helping players to become comfortable with the ball.


How to Juggle: Daily juggling at home is best. Work on all surfaces of your body until you are comfortable using any body part to control the ball. Your touches will increase as you practice and have fun. You can juggle any time you want, it just takes you, a ball and a little space. Challenge yourself and keep track of your personal best.  As your skill increases, be sure to use both feet and thighs.


 Club Rules:

  • Juggling recognition only takes place before, during or after practices.
  • A coach must be present to verify number of juggles
  • Younger players may start using thigh or feet.
  • Players trying to reach the 100 level must start with their feet. This will be mainly older players.
  • Ball must be kept in the air for consecutive touches.
  • Competition is August 1st to May 31st
  • Coach must send number of juggles and child name to Brian Bell and Rob Grinnell.

Younger players should strive to get 15-30 juggles.

Older players should strive to get 40-50 juggles.

Top jugglers should strive to get 100+.

If you get over 100 juggles, we will add your name to our website.

Here are the groups for the juggling challenge with prizes to be determined at a later date:

U9-U12 boys

U9-U12 girls

U13+ boys

U13+ girls

Age group is based on what team you are currently playing for.