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     The Academy is excited for our first full year of operating and teaching the game of lacrosse to the next generation of players.  The game of lacrosse is changing and we are right here at the forefront of the game.  The game is changing and so should the way kids are trainng, how long they are training, and where they are training.  The players that continue to rise to the top of the game are the ones with a mix background of multisports, field lacrosse and Box lacrosse!                                    

     We offer the best of both worlds.  All of our coaches play box lacrosse and field lacrosse.  We are all American players who grew up playing both or, when first introduced to box, fell in love with the game.  We bring a unique skill set that most coaches in the Maryland area simply do not have.  There are coaches who have played box, but they are not actively coaching the game or working on introducing the concepts to the field lacrosse player.  This is where the MABLL Acadmey stands out.  

     The game of box lacrosse translates very well to the field game, however, the field game does not really work when you go into the box!  One of our strong suites is teaching the box skill sets and translating this style of play to the outdoor game.  As you watch the PLL and see the Canadian and Native players execute the two man game, move off ball and find the small windows or handle the pressure of close quarters, you know where they learned these skills, in the box!  

     We offer team training, individual training, small groups and more.  The Academy also does a full box schedule of training and travel box lacrosse.  Most of our coaches are very active in the teaching the outdoor game and have a passion for the game.  We are growing, evolving and committed to showing players and parents that you don't have to spend a lot of money to become a better lacrosse player.  There are a lot of money grabs going on all year long, do not be fooled  and think this is how to get recruited or become a better player.  Sometimes, sitting in the back yard and just playing is the best medicine there is for learning the game of lacrosse!


See you on the Floor!


The Staff of the MABLL Acadmey!