Girls Lacrosse Club of Frisco is a non-profit, recreational program for girls in Kindergarten - 12th grades. Our teams play as the Frisco Fury and we focus on development of the team player including sportsmanship. Spring is our active season and fall is



Maryam and her husband Sam have been married for 25 years and have lived in Frisco since 2004. They 
have two daughters, Aryana and Kiana who play Lacrosse. Aryana started playing Lacrosse in 4th grade
with Frisco Lacrosse Association and joined Frisco Fury in 5th grade which was the inception of the
organization. Her sophomore year of high school was the last year she played with Fury as she entered
an early College Program, and her team won the JV Championship. She currently is the captain of UNT
Women’s Lacrosse Team. Their younger daughter, Kiana, started playing Lacrosse in 1st grade and is
currently one of the Goalies for the 7/8 Team. Maryam and Sam have always been supporters of Frisco
Fury and are familiar faces on the sidelines.


Maryam is a Geometry teacher in Prosper ISD and has been teaching all levels of Mathematics for the
last 23 years. She holds a double degree in International Business and German. Unofficially, Maryam
has been an active volunteer with Fury and is excited to be able to continue to help grow the program in
an official role as the new treasurer for Frisco Fury.