South County Athletic Association (SCAA) has youth sports programs in the Lorton / Springfield VA area for football, soccer, cheerleading, lacrosse, basketball, field hockey, wresting, volleyball, and track.


Parent/Coach Communication Protocol


  1. Coaches decide how practices are formatted and how they should be run.  If you have a question about a practice that is not related to an injury your son/daughter has received, please email or call and not interrupt practice.  If it is related to an injury sustained during practice, a coach will address what the next step is during or just after practice.
  2. Please make sure attendance to practices is monitored using the team website which will be up and running in September.  It will have an RSVP section and reminders for each event.  If your son/daughter needs to leave practice for a scheduled event but can attend part of a practice, RSVP as attending, attend the practice, but email/call before the practice to let the coach know they are leaving early.  Also, please remind the coach as they leave so we don’t wonder where they are at the end of practice.


  1. Parents must conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positive behavior upon SCAA and Colts Wrestling.  They must only cheer for their child and not against an opponent or official.  A team code of conduct will be given out at the first week of practices and signed by wrestlers and families.  Any violations of code of conduct will result in a consequence of missed practice, competitions, and/or team activities.  Multiple violations of team conduct will result in dismissal from the team without refund.
  2. Please wait 24 hours after meets to email/call/talk to coaches about issues in meets. This will allow a little time to remove yourself form the emotion of the situation.  If there is an injury during a meet, please talk to the coach immediately at the meet.  If we don’t see it, then please definitely let us know; i.e., a wrestler is feeling nauseous after competing and needs medical attention or not to compete again in another match.  There will be certified athletic trainers at events; this is unlike most other youth sports!

Any other issues should be directly addressed to Jeffrey Payne Commissioner and Head Coach at  cell 703-408-9204

If you feel you are not being addressed appropriately by Coach Payne or the staff, please email the SCAA Board of Directors -

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