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2021 Celebrate Lacrosse Registration

The NCJLA is hosting 2 games for each team to celebrate a few milestones that the lacrosse community achieved this spring.

  1. The State of CA finally allowed youth sports to return to competition. 
  2. Our NCJLA club leaders were able to put together a season for the kids in less than 3 weeks. 
  3. Kids are outside, playing lacrosse and making memories that will last a lifetime.  


These are awesome milestones to be thankful for this year

and worth celebrating!


If your team would like to participate in the Spring 2021 Celebrate Lacrosse Event, please read the information below and continue to register at the bottom of this page.


Information About Registration

  • Teams will need to be registered individually.  
  • Every effort will be made to schedule according to the teams' "preferences" but please understand that the NCJLA staff must schedule according to COVID protocols. 
  • Each team will play 1 game per day. If the CDPH guidelines change between April 26 and May 15th the NCJLA will re-work the schedule so teams can play 2 games in one day. 
  • Please note which day(s) your team would like to be schedule to play.
  • Team registration is open to any team in California. 
  • Teams must agree to require 100% US Lacrosse membership for all players and coaches.
  • Registration will close May 8th. 
  • The decision to cancel an event will be made May 10th. 
  • Payments will be due May 12th. If your team has extenuating circumstances, please email  .


What To Have Ready When You Register:

  • Name of the team
  • Location that they want to attend
  • Preferred window of time that they want to play their games (AM, Mid-day, PM) and if they want to play Saturday, Sunday or both days.
  • Format of play- small sided, traditional, or willing to play either way
  • Skill level of the team- HS varsity, JV, A, B Veteran, and B Rookie
  • Contact information for the team


**If your team has a regular season game scheduled for May 22 or May 23 and you want to move that game to the event, please put that in the "Anything else you want the NCJLA event scheduler to know" section at the end of the registration form.


Event Costs:




Payments (Not Due Until After Registration Closes):

Payment for the team will be due once the NCJLA determines that there is enough interest in an event location to proceed (May 10th). Teams may pay via CC, check or electronic bank transfer.  If for some reason, there are not enough teams for a location to be financially sustaining the NCJLA will cancel the event and offer the teams the option to attend another location or receive a refund. 



By Registering The Team Agrees To:


  1. At least 10 days before the event the team will provide the NCJLA with a complete team roster of all players and coaches US Lacrosse Membership numbers that are valid until May 31, 2021 that intend on participating in the event.
  2. The team will abide by the current State of CA county COVID-19 guidelines for the venue location of the event while onsite for their games. This information will be sent by the NCJLA once rosters have been received. 
  3. The team agrees to roster players who are age eligible for the division according to the US Lacrosse age eligibility rules for 2021. Should a player fall outside of those rules they must petition the NCJLA via email   for an exception. No reasonable request will be denied. NCJLA registered teams that have petitions on file for the regular 2021 season do not need to petition again for the tournament. 

Click Here to Register