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Middle School Dugout Project - Phase I

This past winter SJBS reviewed all baseball/softball fields and determined which fields need to most work. The LCJSMS field received high priority based on safety, wear and tear on benches and holes in the fences.

Below are a few pictures of the work that was recently done.

Ava Calabrese and Meghan Tarashuk help remove the old wooden benches and grade the dugout for the new benches. Both dugout fences were taken down, the posts were reinforced and new fencing was installed.


27 Foot benches were purchased by SJBS as well as the yellow fence protector.


A foul ball fence was installed in both dugouts so that the girls are protected from foul balls.



SJBS is planning to add two fenced in on-deck circles for safety purposes.


2017 LCJSMS Softball


Hope Basaman

Amanda Brown

Ava Calabrese

Jessica Friedman

Megan Gregory

Gabby Guidetti

Nina Hayford

Sydney Limmer

Victoria MacArthur

Rachel McQueen

Madeleine Murphy

Meghan Tarashuk

Rebekah Thompson

Kasey Walsh

Maggie Wilson


Anna Creel

Thea Rind

Head Coach: Danielle DeGraw



 Summit Softball Girls MS Schedule


4/18  Summit @ Passaic                                                Won 11-1

4/20  Summit @ Cranford                                               Lost 8-6

4/21  Summit @ Roosevelt M.S.   West Orange            Won

4/27  Scotch Plains @ Summit                                       Won

5/1    Lincoln M.S. @ Summit                                         4:30pm

5/3    Liberty M.S. @ Summit                                          4:00pm

5/8    Stirling @ Summit                                                  4:00pm

5/10  Scotch Plains @ Summit                                       4:00pm

5/15  Cranford @ Summit                                               4:00pm

5/17  Summit @ Liberty M.S.                                          4:00pm

5/25  Stirling @ Summit                                                  4:00pm