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WHSBLA and GHLA Face Mask Policy

(updated 4/8/2021)


The Gig Harbor Lacrosse Association’s Board of Directors has reviewed the guidelines set forth by various federal, state and local agencies in an effort to more clearly define expectations for players, coaches, volunteers, and spectators participating in all Gig Harbor Lacrosse events. Please bear in mind the COVID-19 landscape is ever changing, and Gig Harbor Lacrosse will do its best to keep families updated, as well as adjust to any changing guidelines should that become necessary in the future.


For a review of the entire WHSBLA guidelines please click on the link below, or go to and look under the “Safety and Risk Management” tab, and then select “WHSBLA Return to Play Protocols”.


WHSBLA Return to Play Protocols


As a member of SSYL, Gig Harbor Lacrosse will abide by these guidelines, as well as those set forth by federal, state, and local agencies. Gig Harbor Lacrosse will not go beyond these guidelines in defining terms more specifically, so it is up to families to follow the letter, as well as the intent of the rules.


If you require a further review of the specific guidelines addressing types of masks, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website below for specific recommendations:


CDC "Types of Masks"