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SCHEDULES & RESULTS (will be available September 6 in the evening).


REPORT SCORES (winning team is responsible to report scores).

ROSTERS (all participants must complete the roster/waiver).

RULES: 3on3 (high school rules except when modified here).

RULES: 5on5 (high school rules except when modified here).

SCORESHEETS: 3on3 (use your own scorebook, or print a scoresheet).

SCORESHEETS: 5on5 (use your own scorebook, or print a scoresheet).

(Registration opens June 1)


Fall League 3on3 and 5on5 games will be played Saturday Nights, 3pm (request later start if needed) to 10pm, from September 9 to October 21.

  • September 9
  • September 16
  • September 23
  • September 30
  • October 7
  • October 14
  • October 21 (season-ending Single Elimination Tournament)
  • We will work with your team to not conflict with fall sports, you can submit your request when you register the team using the registration link below.


  • 3on3 and 5on5 leagues are available to both Boys and Girls teams.
  • 3on3 leagues are available to Youth Teams, Grades 2-8, and High School Teams, Grades 9-12.
  • 5on5 leagues are available to Youth Teams, Grades 4-8, and High School Teams, Grades 9-12.
  • Gold / Silver / Bronze when enough teams available
  • Boys' High School Divisions: Freshman, JV, Varsity
  • Girls' High School Divisions: "Upper" and "Lower" when available


  • The Gold Crown Fieldhouse in Lakewood (All 3on3 games)
  • Colorado Academy in Lakewood
  • South Suburban Sports Complex
  • Golden HS in Golden
  • The Courts in Northglenn
  • Green Mountain HS in Lakewood


  • Games only (no practices provided by the League)
  • Registrations will be taken by Teams only.  Individual player registrations will not be taken for this league (see the Winter Basketball League Tab for Individual player registrations).
  • Each team will receive 8 season games, 3on3 teams will play 2 per night, 5on5 teams may play some double headers. 
  • The League will end with a Single-Elimination Post-Season Tournament October 21.  Teams will play an additional 1-3 games in the post season Single-Elimination Tournament.
  • We will work with teams to avoid conflicts with other sports and activities, submit your schedule request by email to jacquiepearson@yahoo.com.


  • 3on3 Games will be half-court, fast and fun, last just under 30 minutes each, and each player will get a lot of touches on the ball; roster size: 3-8 players.
  • For 3on3, the score clock will be set at 23 minutes, and does not stop - not even for timeouts. 
  • For 3on3, the game will end when the winning team scores 20 points (or 25 points for high-school age teams), or when the clock hits Zero.
  • For 3on3, baskets are worth 1-point, and 2-points are awarded for a shot made beyond the 3-point line.
  • For 5on5, the full-court JPS League and Tournament formats will be applied: 20 minute running halves, etc.; games will last about an hour each; roster size 5-12 players.

(Registration opens June 1)


  • 2023 Fall League 3on3 League Registration fee is $405 per team for minimum of 9 games.
  • 2023 Fall League 5on5 League Registration fee is $925 per team for minimum of 9 games.
  • Registrations will be taken by Teams only.  Individual player registrations will not be taken for this league (see the Winter Basketball League Tab for Individual player registrations).
  • When registering, please complete all information. The more precise and complete you are, the better we will be able to communicate with you.


  • The Deadline to Register is September 1
  • Registration opens June 1
  • Late fee of $25 will be applied to all registrations submitted after 11:59pm on September 1, 2023. 
  • Registrations received after the registration deadline will be placed into the league ONLY if space is available.
  • The last day to register is September 3, 2023.  
  • We are limited to with our team numbers, we did sell out last year! (so get registered early to secure your spot).


Credit Card Payment must accompany your on-line registration.  Payment is due at REGISTRATION.  Please note that if we have not received payment within 24 hours of your registration, your information will be removed from the system and you will not be registered.  Please be sure to complete the payment portion of your registration the day you register.


A $30.00 or 5% (whichever is greater) will be charged for any team withdrawing from the league prior to the registration deadline.  Refund requests for withdrawing prior to the registration deadline must be in writing, emailed to jacquiepearson@yahoo.com.  NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED AFTER THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE FOR ANY REASON (Deadline: September 1, 2023).

Once game schedules are published, if for any reason the league/season is cancelled to the pandemic or other unforeseen reasons, there will be a $50 admin fee retained for 3on3 teams and a $75 admin fee retained for 5on5 teams.  Once that admin fee is removed, the team credit will be issued on a pro-rated basis of games played.  The credit may be used towards future JPS registrations.

 Rosters and Waivers MUST be completed and submitted ONLINE only.

Coaches and Team Managers must be sure to adhere to the following Online ROSTER & WAIVER process, without exception:

  1. Register your team using the team registration link found on the page for the league your're registering.
  2. Use the LINK provided to you after registration is completed, and emailed to you in your confirmation email to send to your team.
  3. Be sure that each team member understands they MUST complete the online roster and waiver information.
  4. Be sure that each team member knows to enter the PRECISE team name, for example:
  • they should NOT simply enter "Green Mountain Rams,"
  • but they should enter "Green Mountain Rams 6th Grade Girls Black" if that is the team name.

Grade verification will be on a case by case basis.  If your roster is questioned, you have until your next game to provide proper documentation to prove grade.

Players not listed on your roster will NOT be allowed to play.  No exceptions.

We will be following ALL current State and Local Orders including guidelines, policies, and orders.  Including, but not limited to the following: (these are not in force as of 1/1/2023, but we will follow any that apply at game time)

  • Restrictions on parents / spectators at games.
  • Mask-wearing for particpants, coaches, officials, etc.
  • Social Distancing guidelines as instructed.

Many of these orders change often, and we will inform you of changes as they occur. 

We are excited for the opportunity to provide this event for the youth, and appreciate everyone's willingness to adhere to current expectations, we know these can be frustrating.  By registering for this event, and completing the roster / waiver information, you agree to comply to all current orders mandated to our league and to our facilities.   Thank you.

Our Bad Weather Plan is simple:


  • We expect you to make prudent decisions for you and your children to be safe.
  • For our outdoor leagues and events, we will monitor lightning and playing surface conditions to ensure games are being played only when it is safe to do so.


  • We will rarely cancel games due to road conditions: because we have limited gym-time availability, we simply have almost no wiggle-room to re-schedule games, and therefore must plan to play games as scheduled.  
  • If the facility is open and in condition to play games, games will be played as scheuled.
  • Only when the facilities close, we will notify all teams as soon as possible that games will be cancelled and the plan for rescheduling, if possible.
  • This is Colorado, and we are known for snow nearly year-round - obviously during the winter, but especially in the spring.  We will rarely cancel games due to road conditions, so be sure to have good tires, car pool when possible, and leave early to allow for enough time to reach the facility safely.

For more information, contact Jacquie Pearson:

  • by email: jacquiepearson@yahoo.com
  • or by phone or text: (303) 880-1415