Official website for Issaquah Lacrosse Club (ILC). ILC is a Non-Profit Organization offering lacrosse programs for boys in Kindergarten - High School.


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The ILC Gold Program is a competitive team program, rooted in stability and team chemistry. Our players, teams, and program as a whole will best develop through an increase in opportunities, practicing and competing together, beyond the formal Spring season. This model has been proven effective by programs in our region, and across the country.


With an allowance for family time, and continued development in other sports outside of lacrosse season, commitment to the ILC Gold Program is a fundamental principle and expectation. Committing to the Gold Program may leave less room for participation in other lacrosse programs, but the chemistry formed will best prepare these classes for success in youth tournaments, at the 78 Championship level, all the way through the high school ranks.


Parent Info Night: Wed. June 16th 7pm via Zoom

Tryouts: Fri & Sat, Aug 6th - 7th 


The ILC Gold Program is designed to strengthen and shape each class of players as they advance to higher levels of competition through the Issaquah Lacrosse program. The program is a ten-month commitment from September through July, for grades 3-4, 5-6 & 7-8.


Selection for the ILC Gold Program will occur in August, and is reserved for players and families committing to all Issaquah Lacrosse scheduled events from September through July of the following year.


The ILC Gold Program may not be for everyone, which is why we are committed to developing all lacrosse players within our community. And while choosing other lacrosse programs remains an option, players and families making that choice are welcome to participate with the ILC program in the Spring with our Purple teams, emphasizing our ILC mission and commitment of organizing, developing and promoting the sport of lacrosse within the Issaquah community.


View full detailed presentation here:  ILC GOLD PROGRAM