The Rochester Junior Americans are committed to providing consistent and constructive player development while emphasizing the fun of playing the game.

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* Updated for 2019-2020 Season *

There are several requirements that PYH players, coaches, managers, schedulers and board members must complete. This page is a summary of what is required for each type of role.

  • Players born in 2003 or later: 1,2   *New* Players born in 2001 and 2002: 1,2, and 4 (SafeSport)
  • Coaches: 1,2,3,4,5,6
  • Managers, Locker Room Attendants: 1,2,3,4
  • Schedulers: 1,2
  • Board Members: 1,2,3,4
NOTE: Use your legal name (i.e. "James" not "Jimmy") for every program and course that you register for. When variations of your legal name are used it causes problems for USA Hockey, NYSAHA and PYH in tracking completion status.
USA Hockey Registration (every season)
Register with Perinton Youth Hockey (every season)
Travel players and coaches must register by May 22, 2019
House coaches by Sep 30th, 2019
Prerequisite: USA Hockey Registration
Click the Register Now button, then choose 2019-20 Team Staff and Board Members
NOTE: If you were registered with PYH before and use the same email address when registering this season, please make sure to click the green register button next to your name during the registration process. If you click on your name, you will not be registered, you will just be updating your contact information.

Important: You will receive a confirmation email from PYH when you complete the registration.
NYSAHA Background Check / Screening (every two seasons), for 2019-20 season must have been screened on or after April 1, 2018.
Prerequisite: USA Hockey Registration
NYSAHA Website:
If you have been screened in the past, but are not sure if your screening is still valid, you can look up your number and screening date in the spreadsheet on the NYSAHA website (at the bottom of the Screening/Safe Sport page). Please do not get screened again if you do not need to as this is an unnecessary expense. Please email if you have any questions.
If you need to be screened, select the Screening/Safesport tab on the left side of the NYSAHA website, then scroll down the page to find the Screening Direct Link.
After you have requested screening from the site you will receive an email with the subject "Your screening results for NYSAHA are available" containing a link to view the results from Commercial Investigations. [Note - it may take a few hours, or a few days to receive this email.] Click on the link to view your results. You will need to enter the last four digits of your SSN. Click "View Report" and a PDF should be downloaded to your computer. Save this PDF file as proof you have been screened.
Please email forward the report to as PYH needs the information to prepare a report required by NYSAHA.
USA Hockey SafeSport Training (every season), for 2019-20 season must have completed training on or after April 1, 2018.  If you completed SafeSport in 2018-19, it is valid for the 2019-20 season. Going forward it must be renewed every season
Prerequisite: USA Hockey Registration
USA Hockey Age-Specific Modules (once for each level of play)
Prerequisite: USA Hockey Registration
Each age level has a specific module to be completed. You must have completed the module for the age level you will be coaching this season. Once you complete a module for a given age group you do not need to take it for future seasons.
USA Hockey Coaching Certification (CEP) (needed if expired unless you are Level 4/5 or are coaching Mites and below. Mites and below need at least a Level 1)
Prerequisite: USA Hockey Registration