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Fundraisers are a big part of the Edison Jets Athletics Association. Although we are a non-profit organization there are many expenses that need to be funded so that the children look presentable and are safe. Some of the expenses include: field maintenance, referees, insurance, uniforms (cheer & football), equipment (helmets, shoulder pads, etc.), cheer mats, fun day, trophies, & other miscellaneous expenses.

  • Candy / Cookie sale We are selling boxes of Cookies or Hershey Candies for $60 - each package/king size bar is $2 you sell them at work or to friends/family and you get your money back. You will also get money into your Disney account! If you would like to buy a box see Stephanie Woomer in the red trailer and she will get you setup. We have Lots of boxes that need to move. 

In addition to the mandatory Raffle your trustee will ask you to participate in other fundraisers.