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To Report Scores, the winning team should follow the directions below.  Either team may enter the score(s), but it is the winning team's responsibility to do so as soon as possible following each game.


Go to the league website: www.justplaysportscolorado.com

  1. "Team"  hover-over or select "Team" from the top horizontal buttons
  2. "Choose a Team"  hover-over or select "Choose a Team"
  3. "Boys" or "Girls"  hover-over or select "Boys" or "Girls"
  4. "Division"  hover-over or select the correct division for age/grade, skill level of your team
  5. "Team Name"  select your team's "Team Name"
  6. "Results"  select "Results" from the left-hand menu
  7. "Enter the Score" for the game(s) that have completed.