Official website for Issaquah Lacrosse Club (ILC). ILC is a Non-Profit Organization offering lacrosse programs for boys in Kindergarten - High School.



Issaquah Lacrosse - Current Status during Covid-19


  • As of March 22, 2021 we are now in PHASE 3!  Updates from the Governor's Office
  • Facial coverings are NOT required during game play‚Äč
  • Facial coverings (cloth masks) are still required for all players for all practices.  Splash guards and face shield do not satisfy the requirement.  Best to invest in a facial covering that attaches to the helmet.  These can be purchased locally at Lacrosse Wolf in Bellevue or found online through PureHockey.Com


Current Team Activity/Practice Protocols:

  • Facial covering for all particpants at all times during practices includes arrival and departure, walking to and from the field*
  • Fcial coverings NOT required during competiiton game play, but till mandated for arrival and departure.
  • Gear bags are to be laid out socially distanced a minimum of 6 feet apart on the sidelines
  • *Must stay socially distanced during any water break when lowering face covering to take a drink
  • Absoltely NO SHARING of water bottles


GELL Game Day Protocols:  GELL Return to PLAY