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Coaches & Assistant Coaches:  Adults with Field Hockey experience are needed. We are looking for individuals who are eager to share their knowledge of the game in a positive, fun and instructional team culture appropriate for the grade level

Registration:  We use League Athletics as our registration tool. You would learn the system, “open” registration, ensure all registration information is correct on the website(practice schedule, start/end dates, fees). You would field emails/calls with questions about our program. Coordinates with Coach Manager in Team Assignment notices. Makes deposits to bank for those that still use checks to pay registration fees. Primarily computer based/email role. 95% of this role is completed by mid-September.

Team Manager Coordinator: One person to be the go-to person for Team Managers to ask questions.  Coordinates via email messages to Team Managers/Coaches. Prior to team managers being selected acts a coordinator for coaches in try-out sessions.

Team Managers:

  1. Point of contact for communication for your team. for example -Changes to game schedule for your team, notifying coach of players unable to attend a game etc...

  2. Each team is given an assigned bag of field hockey balls. The team manager is responsible for getting them to practice and games.

  3. Paying our home game Refs. You will be allocated refm oney at the beginning of the season.  

  4. Notify Ball Bag/First Aid Manager your med kit is short on supplies or short balls.  Collect them from him/her and replenish. (Med Kit is located in goalie bag)

Team Manager does not need to "do" all these responsibilities, you will need to ensure they are taken care of.  We always seem to find plenty of families wanting to help.

Treasurer: Manage the finances, payroll, file taxes and 501C3 certification.

Game Scheduler: Coordinates the NCYFH schedule with other Fairfield County Field Hockey towns which is one or two meetings at the beginning of the season. Address an game conflicts through out the season.

Goalie Equipment Manager: Distributes goalie bags and Balls at the beginning of the season which are stored at Waveny House . Inventories goalie and ball bags at end of season, places orders for new equipment.  Checks goalie bags 4 times during the season to check equipment condition and replenish Medical Kit.

Fund Raising/Events Coordinator Recruit and mobilize teams to help run the events below.

  1. Clinic the HS girls run for youth

  2. Daughter vs Father Event

Spirt Wear Manager: Selects garments and markets /distributes the online orders that are placed to our players. 

Safety Parent Coordinator: Uploads calendar to the Sign-Up Genius website. Sends group emails to NCYFH families to remind them to sign up to be a Safety Parent at a practice.  Checks the Sign-ups to make sure all practices are covered (we cannot run a practice without a safety parent on site) Computer/email. the following links are for sign up for practices.

  • 5th/6th grade:
  • 7th Grade:
  • 8th Grade:

Season End Banquet Coordinator: Coordinates a fun, spirit-filled dinner at the end of the season, with the help of Team Managers. The traditional banquet dinner of pizza and ice cream sundaes is loved by all players and coaches (not a family event)! Help create a celebration of team work and big thank you to our coaches.  Fees for this event are included with registration- no need to collect money. Computer/email/purchasing/on site for event.

Public Relations/Communications Manager: Write up short articles about our programs (we do not do write ups on games), submit articles to local newspapers and e-papers. Market our program via local elementary and Middle School e-newsletters. Submit registration announcements. Submit articles on fund raising activities.

Website Manager: Updates the website as needed.

Game Parent: At each game, home and away, a Game Parent is needed to sit with the players on the bench. practice one parent will enjoy sitting in the fall sun, with his or her beach chair, cell phone, and book.  Sit inside the fence close to fields in case you are needed- rain or shine.  Please, no sitting in the car under any conditions.  You are there in case of emergency.  First aid kit provided along with notebook of emergency numbers. see details at bottom of this page.

Ball Bag and First Aid Kit Manager:
Periodically check all ball bags (7), count to make sure quantity is sufficient.  If balls are needed ask for balls from Goalie Equipment Manager.  Medical kits are in the goalie bags- these need to be inventoried and replenished also- obtain new med kits needs from the Goalie Equipment Manager.  Check once a week.