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2021 Spring Program Content Offering

We have boiled our program into the following rough 3 tiers per age group. All Age groups will start off with the most expensive, least amount of volunteers tier, until we can see what volunteer involvement we get at each age group.

Each age group is independent of the other.  For example, the Grade 7/8 age group may have a large number of volunteers and be able to move into Tier 3, allowing BAYS and travel teams, while the Grade 3/4 age group may stick to In Town Scrimmages and Clinics at Tier 2, while we work to identify and develop volunteers for next Fall.

  1. Bolts Outside Weekly Clinic Only. Exactly like Fall 2020.
  2. Bolts Outside Weekly Clinic with "Coach in Training" Opportunities (younger age groups) and/or added In Town scrimmages (older age groups).
  3. MYS Full BAYS Program. Teams with practice and games per week, and potentially clinics, pending costs

2021 Spring Program Offering Philosophy

The general idea is that we will put together whatever we are allowed to do in the Spring.  The below 3 factors will determine exactly what the program will look like at each age group:

  1. Safety. State, City, Federal mandates / orders relating to Covid that may exist and prevent/restrict us from doing something
    Examples: traveling for games, no more than 20 people, no gatherings at all, etc
  2. Affordability.  As we work with our new partners to establish programs, there are a lot of ideas we want to do.  We can't implement them all in one season without making the fees way too high. 
    Example: We may decide to only implement 5 weeks of clinics at the older age groups (instead of 10), in order to allow us to pay BAYS fees and actually play games.
  3. Community. This goes hand in hand with cost.  The more volunteers we can get at each age group, the more options and flexibility we have within our offerings.  There are three major volunteer types we need:
    A. Coaches - this is the biggest.  Scrimmage coaches, Clinic Coaches, Team Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches are now all rolled into one role --> Coaches.  These people do the activity oversight and soccer coaching.
    B. Coordinators (Covid Safety Officers) - Every Scrimmage / clinic / team practice / team game must have a Coordinator present.  These people take attendance, enforce compliance policies (masks, social distance, no yelling at refs, etc) and just oversee the activities to make sure they are safe.
    C. Board Members - We can use the help on the Board in some major areas. 


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