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28. Restorative Justice Process for Sportsmanship Incidents

The NCJLA 2020-2021 Board of Directors will manage drafting the final text for this section.

When an SIR report is deemed an incident that involves hate speech or offensive language the NCJLA Sportsmanship Committee will refer to the policy and protocols below. The NCJLA Sportsmanship Incident Chair will forward the incident to the NCJLA Board of Directors. If warranted the NCJLA Board of Directors will consult a Diversity, Inclusion and Equity specialist or committee for a recommendation on how to process, adjudicate and implement restorative justice activities.

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NCJLA Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Mission Statement (coming soon)

Philosophy of this Policy (coming soon)

NCJLA Contacts for this Policy (coming soon)

Preventive Education Opportunities (coming soon)

          Coaches (Required and Optional)

          Players (Required and Optional)

          Families (Optional)

Types of Incidents Covered by this Policy (coming soon)

Reporting Requirements and Process Timelines (coming soon)

          Weekly Schedule for SIR HS-OL Processing (coming soon)

Consequences for SIR-HS/OL (coming soon)

          For Players

          For Adults

Restorative Justice Resources for Club Leaders (coming soon)

Preventing Slander / Unintended Consequences (coming soon)

Examples (coming soon)


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