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8. Registration Fees and Policies

Team registration opens the first Saturday in October for all 8U-HS boys and girls teams.

The deadline to register ALL teams with the NCJLA for the season is January 3rd 11:00pm PST.

Late registration is considered on a case by case basis.
Please email execdirector@ncjla.org for details.

The 2021 Season will have Team Registration open during the whole season.


Registration Fees

In order to establish player registration fees, clubs need to know what the team registration fees will be to the NCJLA per team, and the officials’ fees per game for the coming season.  Any changes to fees for a season will be posted to the NCJLA website by late September to give clubs time to incorporate NCJLA fees into their budgets.

Clubs are strongly encouraged to educate their families about how their fees are used and the refund policies of the NCJLA, club or venues used by the club. Families should understand that some fees might not be refundable.

There are 3 parts to the NCJLA team registration fee (total paid to NCJLA). The amount of each fee varies by division based on that division’s size, playdays, and the type of end of season event. A presentation on the registration fees is given at the annual NCJLA Delegates Meeting. For more information on how those are calculated please email .


Late Payment Policy

Refund Status


Due Date

Late Payment Policy

League Listing Fee



Covers year round operations costs

Due at the time of team registration closing

Team is not included in conferences or scheduling meetings.

Season Operations Fee

Partially refundable- depends on date of cancellation

Covers costs directly related to regular season games

Due by 3rd Sunday in January 11:00pm PST

Team schedules can be entered but will not be published or sent to official assignors till payment is received.

Event Fee*


Covers the cost for a team to participate in NCJLA Play Days and End of Season events.

Feb 28th 11:00pm PST

Team not included in the event planning or schedule.


Payment Procedures

Clubs register teams via the NCJLA website.  Due to the high cost of credit card processing fees on the website the NCJLA has developed several options for clubs to pay their registration fees. In all cases payment must be received no later than the due date posted. Clubs should plan for mail or bank processing delays and send payment ahead of time.


Payment Method



Online Bill Pay through the Club Banking Institution

-Clubs should keep a copy of the confirmation number provided by the banking institution.

-Some banks may have daily limits on how much can be sent in one day.

-Include names of the teams being paid for.

Paper Check by mail

-Clubs should send with a tracking number.

-The NCJLA is not responsible for checks lost in the mail or their teams not being listed.

-Include the names of the teams being paid for.

App payment varies, please email treasurer@ncjla.org

Clubs may send the day of registration closing if their bank has approved the full amount to be sent in one day.

-Some banks may have daily limits on how much can be sent in one day.

-Include the names of the teams being paid for in the notes section.

Credit Card

Clubs may pay the day after team registration closes. A private link will be sent to the club treasurer.

The 3.5% transaction fee will be added to the clubs final invoice. Clubs should budget for this fee if they intend on using a credit card.


Click here for the current season registration fees per team. 

Please see Preparing for Team Registartion section for items to include in your club’s player and coach registration module.

**Coming Soon for 2021 instructions on calculating and paying your season officials fees.

Events provided by the NCJLA included in the Event Fee:

Boys HS varsity, HS JV, 14A, 12A, 10A: 2-3 playoff or flighted tournament games, and Championship game

Girls HS varsity, 14A, and 12A: 2-3 playoff or flighted tournament games, and Championship game

Boys 14U and 12U B Veteran level: 2-3 flighted tournament games

Boys 14U and 12U B Rookie level: 2-3 festival tournament games

Girls 14U and 12U B Veteran level: 2 preseason playday and 2-3 flighted tournament games

Girls 14U and 12U B Rookie level: 2 preseason playday and 2-3 festival tournament games

Boys and Girls 10UB and 8U level: 2 preseason playday games, preseason coaches and player playday / clinic and 2-3 flighted games 10U and 2-3 festival games for 8U

*If the NCJLA is unable to offer an event for a division the team registration fee for that season will reflect the omission of that event fee from the total team registration fee.

*If an event is canceled and a refund is possible the NCJLA Treasurer will communicate the process to club leaders and the Club Treasurer.

* If additional events are possible to be added for a division the NCJLA Treasurer will send information related to registration and payment deadlines to club leaders and the club Treasurer.

Please email with questions.


For Boys and Girls 8U & 10UB teams only, the NCJLA will allow late registrations for participation in the Regional Jamborees hosted by the NCJLA (special events in addition to regular season games). These events are offered at the discretion of the NCJLA Board. Please check the NCJLA Events Calendar for information and dates.

The NCJLA will recommend and help facilitate the scheduling of additional games with other clubs nearby should a team want more games than the Jamborees offer. There is no guarantee that teams who register late will be able to secure additional games with other clubs. Please email   for the link to register an 8U or 10UB team after registration closes if Jamborees are offered for that season.

Consequences and process for team withdrawal

If a club withdraws a team from the NCJLA after the withdrawal deadline, registration fees will not be returned and the club may be placed on provisional probation for a length of time to be determined by the board of directors. In addition, the club will be required to pay all team registration fees at the time of registration for the next 3 years following the violation. The club will not be able to attend the scheduling meeting until payment is received. See NCJLA’s bylaws for more on provisional probation.

Withdrawal Deadlines For Team Registration

Teams are allowed to cancel registration without penalty until 11:00pm PST on the day following the closing of registration for their age division and level of play. Thereafter, no fees will be refunded for cancellations by the club.


Withdrawal Deadlines for Jamboree or Event Registration (separate registration, special event):

Timing of withdrawal request from the Jamboree or Event

Refund Allowed

Up to 48 hours after team registration closes for the jamboree or event

Full jamboree or event refund, officials fees not incurred

48 hours after the close of team registration
until jamboree or event schedule is published

50% jamboree or event refund, officials admin fees incurred

After jamboree or event schedule is published

No refund, teams responsible for officials fees


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