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Jeff Appel has been selected by the committee for the 2015 nominee for WYB Coach of the Year.

His involvement in the program dates back to as early as 2000, with his initially volunteering as an assistant coach. He began donating his time to the program while still being enrolled at OSU. Within a couple years he began to head coach in the program and continued until 2015. Mr. Appel’s 15 year commitment has been not only to WYB but to Worthington lacrosse community overall.

Jeff not only coached in the recreation league, but also dedicated his time to the select program. During the season, this amounts to having some sort of lax function as much as seven days a week.

His belief is giving every youth in Worthington an opportunity learn the sport of lacrosse. He has worked tirelessly to allow every child the same opportunity equally, whether they were first year players or players that were already excelling in lacrosse.

As stated by one parent, "my son, in his first year was clearly behind the other players. Jeff took time every single practice to pull him aside and work on his fundamentals." Also, "I was very worried for my son last year being on Mr. Appel’s team because he had some many seasoned players. He worked directly with my son, but also created a peer system that pushed the older kids to foster my son’s development." Finally, "he fueled my son’s confidence level, by making him feel competent. We have always struggled with his confidence, but Jeff was able to really give him the tools to succeed and gain the confidence he needed to play." 

His nomination as COTY is not only because he has earned this nod, but just as much an award for his length of service to the WYB organization.