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The 2014 Worthington Youth Boosters Coach of the Year Sportsmanship Award recipient is Tom Hirschy.

Tom has been coaching in WYB for over eight years, mainly in the baseball and basketball programs.  However, he began coaching at an early age.  “I began coaching Little League in Willard, Ohio during the summers when I returned home from college,” explains Hirschy.  “It was a great experience.  I guess those experiences have carried over into my adult life.  I love to coach.”

Tom is recognized by players, parents, and peers as one of the finest coaches in the area.  “It’s very clear to everyone.  The kids see it.  The parents see it.  Even the other coaches see it.  Tom is the best,” praises a parent in the program.
Hirschy’s success does not come easily.  He works diligently at his craft.  Hirschy regularly reads books on coaching, studies DVDs on coaching, and attends clinics on coaching. 
His practices are organized, fast-paced, and fun.  He always includes games into his practices, incorporating new skills and techniques.  His players love to attend to his practices.  “Coach Tom practices are the best!  They are fun,” exclaims one of his players.  “Plus, I learn so much!  I feel that I am a better player because of Coach Tom!”
In games, Tom works hard to create opportunities for all players, regardless of experience.  He believes that playing time should be fair for everyone.  “The kids deserve it,” explains Hirschy.
Hirschy has slowed his coaching pace in recent years.  However, his influence is strongly felt.  He generously offers to attend practices for other teams to help coaches develop practice plans, strategies, and drills.  One softball coach states, “I was talking with Tom about my struggles in practice.  Tom offered to attend one of my practices and help develop practice plans and objectives for my team.  He is amazing.”
“The highest praise that you can offer Tom is to look at his legacy,” states Bob Burpee, president of the Worthington Youth Boosters.  “Look at his coaching tree.  Many of his assistant coaches have become head coaches of their own teams.  They all incorporate the same coaching philosophies and techniques into their teams.  One day, the assistant coaches on those teams will move on to become head coaches themselves. Tom’s impact is felt throughout this organization and will continue to shape this organization for years.”
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