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ICE RULES 2021-2022 

1. Coaches, skaters & parents masks are required in the building. Pulling your shirt over your nose does not qualify as a mask 

2. All Coaches need to wear a mask on the ice over their nose 

3. Electronic whistles should be utilized on the ice by all coaches 

4. Ice Sessions end promptly when the curfew clock goes off. Please exit the ice promptly so the zamboni driver can cut and the rink can stay on schedule 

5. It is the session on the ice’s responsibility to move the nets for the zamboni driver, not the session coming onto the ice. Please do not let unsupervised youth players stay on the ice or move the nets, the nets should be moved by an adult or older player 

6. Do not set up your ice with any equipment or props until the zamboni has exited the ice. Coaches should not be on the ice while the zamboni is cutting unless they are moving nets 

7. Black pads need to be stacked neatly on the West or East rink, after each use, please do not throw them over the boards and leave them 

8. Check the locker room monitor for seat or bleacher assignments. There are no locker rooms in use at this time. 

9. Walkers (ice scooters) are not to be used for any on ice session except learn to skate 

10.Mini nets are only to be used by future stars and for mite games, practices and clinics 

11.If you are using the plastic goalies they should be placed next to the boards by the zamboni door and the driver will take them off. Please do not push them in front of the zamboni door 

12.Water fountains and water bottle filling stations are turned off per CDC recommendations, please remind skaters to fill water bottles at home & label