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The NCJLA Board and the Lacrosse Community Anti-Racism Committee (LCAC) have been watching the recent world events related to systemic racism with both a heavy heart and a good deal of outrage. We would like our members to know that we take a stand against racism in all its forms.

The NCJLA has established a Lacrosse Community Anti-Racism Coalition consisting of experienced coaches, administrators, and officials to roll out coaching tools and league rules to combat racism incidents large and small. Please stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks. 

Current goals of the LCAC and in progress:

  • Review NCJLA policies
  • Curate or develop coaches and club administrators resources
  • Curate or develop player resources
  • Review NCJLA rules
The NCJLA Board of Directors would like to thank the club and community members that volunteered to serve on the committee. For questions or suggestions regarding the committee goals please email 
Status Updates:
  • Lacrosse Community Anit-Racism Committee Meeting July 6, 2020

    • Resource List for NCJLA and LCAC Members to Review (HERE)

  • Lacrosse Community Anit-Racism Committee Meeting July 20, 2020