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Pop-Up Outdoor 3on3 Events!  How it works:

  • Register by noon, Monday of the week of the session.
  • We will evaluate the weather for that weekend and email everyone by 2pm if the event is a go.
  • Pay the registration fee by midnight, Monday - once you've received the notice from us that the event is a GO!
  • Schedules for that weekend will be posted by midnight, Tuesday.
  • No-risk registration, since no money is paid until you know you can play.
  • Pick-and-choose the weekends that work for your team.
  • Pick different team members for different weekends, based on their availability.

SCHEDULES & RESULTS (will be available on Tuesday, week of the event).



RULES (high school rules except when modified here).

SCORESHEETS (use your own scorebook, or print a scoresheet).


  • 3 Sessions of independent, outdoor "Pop-up" tournaments from May 20 through June 19th.
  • Weather will determine "whether" we play that week.



  • Session 1: May 28th, 29th, and 31st (Friday evening, all day Saturday and all day Monday)
  • Session 2: June 10 - June 12 (Thursday evening, Friday evening, all-day Saturday)
  • Session 3: June 17 - June 19 (Thursday evening, Friday evening, all-day Saturday)



  • Boys & Girls, Grades 3-12.
  • Register to play in your FALL, 2021 grade.



  • All games will be played at the Outdoor Courts at Carmody Park in Lakewood, Colorado.
  • Carmody Park: 2200 South Kipling Street, Lakewood, CO 80227



  • 4-Game Guarantee.
  • Each team will play 2 pool-play games on their first game-day, and then another 2 games on their second game-day.
  • Please note: your team's 4th game may be in pool-play, or may be a playoff game, depending on he number of teams in your division.
  • Game Results will be updated here hourly during the event.
  • 4 Sessions of independent "Pop-up" tournaments from May 20 through June 19.
  • You could play Thursday / Saturday, OR Friday / Saturday, OR just Saturday (you will rank your preference when you register).
  • Thursday games will be 4:00pm to Dark
  • Friday games will be 4:00pm to Dark 
  • Saturday games will be 8:00am to Dark and Monday May 31 will be 8:00am to 5:00pm



  • Games will be fast and fun, and each player will get a lot of touches on the ball.
  • The score clock will be set at 23 minutes, and does not stop - not even for timeouts. 
  • The game will end when the winning team scores 20 points (or 25 points for high-school age teams), or when the clock hits Zero.
  • Baskets are worth 1-point, and 2-points are awarded for a shot made beyond the 3-point line.


  • The League Registration fee is $ 175 per team, per session
  • (4 game guarantee)



  • The Deadline to Register is at noon, Monday the week of the session you want to play in.
  • No-Risk to register, payment only collected once the event is a GO.
  • Once the session is a GO, money must be paid by midnight Monday, or your team will be dropped.



Payment is due at REGISTRATION.   Please note that if we have not received payment within 24 hours of your registration, your information will be removed from the system and you will not be registered.



A $25.00 or 5% fee (whichever is greater) will be charged for any team withdrawing from the league prior to the registration deadline.  Refund requests for withdrawing prior to the registration deadline must be in writing, emailed to jacquiepearson@yahoo.com 



Due to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, our Rosters and Waivers MUST be completed and submitted ONLINE only.

Coaches and Team Managers must be sure to adhere to the following Online ROSTER & WAIVER process, without exception:

  1. Register your team using the team registration link found on the page for the league you are registering.
  2. Use the LINK provided to you after registration is completed, and emailed to you in your confirmation email to send to your team.
  3. Be sure that each team member understands they MUST complete the online roster and waiver information.
  4. Be sure that each team member knows to enter the PRECISE team name, for example:
  • they should NOT simply enter "Green Mountain Rams,"
  • but they should enter "Green Mountain Rams 6th Grade Girls Black" if that is the team name.


We will be following ALL current State and Local orders including guidelines, policies, and orders.  Including, but not limited to the following:

  • Restrictions on parents / spectators at games.
  • Mask-wearing for participants, players, coaches, officials, etc.
  • Social Distancing guidelines as instructed.

Many of these orders change often, and we will inform you of changes as they occur, as well as current policies for each season.

We are excited for the opportunity to provide this event for the youth, and appreciate everyone's willingness to adhere to current expectations, we know these can be frustrating.  By registering for this event, and completing the roster / waiver information, you agree to comply to all current orders mandated to our league and to our facilities.  Thank you.


Our Bad Weather Plan is simple:


  • We expect you o make prudent decisions for you and your children to be safe.
  • For our outdoor leagues and events, we will monitor lightning and playing surface conditions to ensure games are being played only when it is safe to do so.
  • LIGHTNING: if lightning is reported to strike within 5-10 miles of the courts, there will likely be a 30-minute delay announced and implemented; check our home page of the website for updates.
  • HEAVY RAIN: light rain will likely NOT delay games, but heavy rain may delay games if the courts become too slippery to play on, or visibility is dangerous, etc.  Check the home page of our website for updates.
  • WET PLAYING SURFACE: player safety comes first.  If staff determine that player safety is at risk, games my be delayed to allow the playing surface to dry. Check the home page of our website for updates.
  • Other Unforeseen Circumstances: check the home page of our website for udpates.
  • JPS Staff may determine we need to shorten game times to catch up the games on each court so that we can end play before dark.  Once caught up, a court may return back to normal schedule.  Check the home page of our website for updates.
  • For our indoor leagues and events,


  • We will rarely cancel games due to road conditions: because we have limited gym-time available, we simply have almost no wiggle-room to reschedule games, and therefore must plan to play games as scheduled.
  • If the facility is open and in condition to play games, games will be played as scheduled.
  • Only when the facilities close, we will notify all teams as soon as possible that games will be cancelled and the plan for rescheduling, if rescheduling is possible.
  • This is Colorado, and we are known for snow - nearly year-round - obviously during the winter, but also and especially in the spring.  We will rarely cancel games due to road conditions, so be sure to have good tires, car-pool whenever possible, and leave early to allow for enough time to reach the facility safely.


For more information, contact Jacquie Pearson:

  • by email: jacquiepearson@yahoo.com
  • or by phone or text: (303) 880-1415