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July 2020 Topics for Adoption and Vote


Reference Materials:

- NVWF Fall 2019 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes ~ Click Here

- NVWF August 2019 Meeting Minutes ~ Click Here

- Current Bylaws & Documents ~ Click Here

- Club contacts list ~ Click Here

- Club locations map ~ Click Here

- Materials to adopt NOVA Sports & Activities as a new NVWF club ~ Click Here

- Budget and financial information ~ Click Here

- Business Statistics and NVWF club trends ~ Click Here

- Surveys ~ Click Here

- Resilite Resi-Lock "tapeless" system video ~ Click Here

- Committee on Mat Purchases, Logistics, and Referees Materials ~ Click Here

- Committee on Camps, Clinics, and Guidelines Thereof ~ Click Here

- Executive Summary of Purchases of Mats, Referees, and Logistics ~ Click Here

- Mat Views ~ Click Here

- Meeting prep slides ~ Click Here

Votes Proposed: For the following topics for consideration and vote, the associated files and materials are contained in the appropriate folder accessible using the links listed above.

  • Adopt Minutes of Meeting from the NVWF Fall September 2019 Board of Directors Meeting (see folder information above).
    • NVWF is required to produce minutes of meetings in accordance with Virginia state law and the Internal Revenue Service. Minutes are often reviewed by county parks and recreation offices similarly.
    • The meeting minutes and enclosures are posted on the NVWF website for club managers to review, comment, and adopt.
  • Vote to adopt NOVA Sports & Activities as a new club member (information in folder above).
    • The club will be based in the lower Loudoun County area. Bill Marck is the registered president.
    • The club is currently a sanctioned insured club by USA Wrestling as an affiliate with NVWF.
    • The club is proposed as an extension of NVWF requesting that revenues and expenses be recorded as part of NVWF in order to receive approval by Loudoun County Parks and Recreation for facility space operations.
  • Vote to fill the NVWF executive officer position with Bill Marck. The position was unoccupied since September 2019 as stated in the minutes of meeting and subsequently identified by Shannon Jackson.
  • Vote on adoption of Guidelines for Conducting Camps and Clinics in accordance with Committee for Camps/Clinics which was established at the September 2019 Fall Board Meeting (see folder with files above).
  • Vote to adopt Bylaws provision regarding Treasurer expenditures for NVWF. 
  • Vote to adjust the NVWF registration fee increase to a maximum of an additional $40 per registrant which would include costs for adult referees as part of the mentor-protege program, annual operating costs, plus a small amount for strategic planning/investments.
  • Vote to obtain a small bank loan amortized across five years for purposes of retaining a larger reserve of cash in bank (currently there is over $82,000 available) whereby the loan amount would be 40:60 ratio as compared to the cost of mats, trailers, accessories, and logistics. 
  • Vote to adjust host club fees to $500 per site per event with the exception of the season end finals that would remain at $750 to pay for high school kid referees.