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Updated as of September 24, 2020



This is the Terps High School Division

Images of Expo Center, Wrestling, and Facility ~ Click Here

  • Team contruction:  This team is coordinated through the Maryland Terps. The Northern Virginia Wrestling Federation website is merely being used as a convenient means for posting the the information. 

  • Main information site for the tournament ~ CLICK HERE

  • Location:  Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks (Philly area)

    • ​The event is now moved from the York Expo Center to the Philadephia location. 

  • Address:  100 Station Avenue, Oaks, PA 19456 (northwest of Philadelphia)

  • Map ~ CLICK HERE

  • Expo Center Facebook Page ~ CLICK HERE

  • Notes:  ​​

    • 3-hour 15 minute drive from Manassas, Virginia (plus rush-hour traffic)

    • This event is independent of USA Wrestling or Public Schools, and therefore would commence according to Pennsylvania guidelines regarding COVID-19. 

  • Competition dates:  Saturday and Sunday, October 10-11, 2020

  • Competition times for High School:

    • ​Saturday Start HS Division at 2:00 PM for five rounds.

    • Sunday Start HS Division at 2:00 PM for three rounds. 

  • Weighin Options:

    • Friday afternoon 6-8 pm, October 9th, or

    • Saturday morning 10-11 am, October 10th

    • Wrestlers may weigh-in individually without the whole team.

    • Early weigh-ins are available Friday 2:00-4:00 PM for an extra fee ~ $20 per wrestler

  • Medical Form for Weighins

    • Get a doctor to review fillout the form for any pimples or strange body marks 3 days prior.

    • Form is available online ~ CLICK HERE

  • Cost: 

    • Team entry fee has a non-refundable deposit.

    • Individual wrestler entry fee is ~ $90 per wrestler.

  • Payment methods:

    • Paypal (use the friends button to avoid charges): 

    • Payment will then be transferred to the manager that runs the overall teams

    • Payment refunds in full if tournament is cancelled

    • For this particular team, please pay through Bill Marck to reduce confusion

  • Refund Policies:

    • ​Funds are returned in full if tournament is cancelled due to weather, COVID, or government closures.

    • Funds are nonrefundable after September 1st for any other reason unless exceptions are made below.

    • Funds may be returned minus an administrative fee if an acceptable replacement is found.

    • Administrative fee amounts are $30 in case refunds are requested.

  • ​For team slots and availability and status, see the bottom of this tab:

    • Bill Marck is partnered with Ron in populating slots.

    • Each wrestler pays for one slot entirely (unless someone wants to explicitly share).

  • Hotels:

    • As of the above date, everyone is generally on their own to find a hotel.​

    • Discounts are availble for those that book through the tournament main website page procedures.

    • The tournament is declared as a "Pay to Play" meaning that wrestlers are required to use hotels by contacting the hotel coordination group seen on the main website, however, we've concluded the final exceptions:

      • ​Staying with relatives

      • Staying with friends

      • Staying at hotels where parents have hotel points to stay free

  • Covid Safety Procedures for Tyrant Organization Tournaments:

    • This safety plan was developed by medical professionals under the guidelines of the CDC and the COVID-19 guidance for Pennsylvania Businesses. The Tyrant COVID-19 safety team is dedicated to providing and ensuring thorough safety measures in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

    Below were the safety procedures implemented by Tyrant Wrestling at Bison Duals

    • All competitors must complete a COVID-19 waiver (at weigh-ins).
    • Wrestlers, staff, officials and spectators are required to wear a mask in the building at all times. With the only exception being children 2 & under and those who are actively wrestling and officiating.
    • Wrestlers will be assessed for COVID-19 symptoms as well as have their temperatures checked with a noncontact thermometer upon entry for weigh-ins. Any wrestler with a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or greater will be denied entry. 
    •  All wrestlers, staff, officials and spectators will be assessed for COVID-19 symptoms as well as have their temperatures checked with a noncontact thermometer upon entry into the building each day. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or greater will be denied entry. 
    • Anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitizer will be placed at each score table and around the general space of the facility. Wrestlers will be encouraged to be wiped down after each match.
    • Score tables and other equipment will be wiped down after each round of wrestling. 
    • Social distancing will be required.
    • Wrestlers will not shake coaches’ hands after the match.
    • Officials will not raise the winning wrestlers hand. He will identify the winning wrestler through raising his own hand of the appropriate color. 
    • Anyone with a compromised health condition or those experiencing symptoms should stay home.
    • Doorways will be designated as entrance only and exit only. 


    Roster Status and Availability (as of the date at the top of this page):

    Green means the slot is paid in full and no longer available. 

    Roster status as of September 24, 2020