Central PA Boys Lacrosse Club


                  Parent Testimonials


I'd like to start this story by sharing how transformative lacrosse has been not just for my son, but my entire family. As the mother of a son who was written off of sports by other organizations due to his size and perceived abilities, I was actively seeking something which would give my son self confidence. Being told your child will only sit on the sidelines can be so discouraging. However, I knew that with great coaching, my son could be so much more than he was being pigeonholed into. He needed a coach who was truly a coach, not just a person who is only interested in a select few. Our family has found that missing link with Bergey's Lacrosse. Their quality level of coaching has brought out the hidden attributes in my son that were just waiting to be found. He has grown into a different kid, both on and off the field due to the dedication of those involved with Bergey's Lacrosse. Their level of attention and interest in my son both personally and athletically has been like nothing we've ever received before in sports. One of the most common themes you'll hear among the coaches in Bergey's Lacrosse is family. So much meaning is put into such a simple word in this program. Everyone involved with Bergey's Lacrosse truly believes in family above all else. My husband and I are so grateful to be involved with a program that has benefited our family beyond just the lacrosse field. That program is Bergey's Lacrosse.

The Thomas Family


Coaching any sport is a skill that few people have the patience and understanding to be able to do well.  Most would agree that being a good player does not make a good coach.  Josh Bergey of Team Money Lacrosse is one of the rare individuals that can teach the sport he loves with great passion and unbridled enthusiasm that is special. ​I had the pleasure of watching Josh take a group of first and second year players and turn them into a group of boys that competed with, and won games over teams, from lacrosse hotbeds like Philadelphia, New York and Virginia.  I have been involved with sports for over thirty five years and not one time have I seen a group of kids respond to a coach the way Team Money responded to Josh Bergey.  His vast knowledge of the lacrosse game is shared on a regular basis with each of his kids individually and as a group, allowing each of Team Money’s players to grow and sharpen their lacrosse skills.   Team Money coaches engage the players’ parents in order to create a family atmosphere so that each player, and their parents, get the best possible experience from the game of lacrosse.  These Coaches take the time to individually assess the skills that each child possesses and they take the time to discuss what is best for the player with their parents. As a parent, and as a lacrosse player myself, I would want my child to learn from the best around and that is Josh Bergey of Team Money.

-Phil Helms

​ This summer my son Jake was invited by his favorite lacrosse coach, Josh Bergey, to play on the u9 ‘Team Money’ tournament team.  Jake was super excited to make the squad and was equally excited to play with other high skill level kids from other areas.  The coaching atmosphere is 100% positive and the boys feed on the positive energy and passion the coaches have for the game.  Our little central PA crew beat teams from Long Island and ended up winning the tournament championship.  Jake can’t wait for the next tournament with ‘Team Money’
​-Eric Synder, Mechanicsburg Pa

​ Josh Bergey is the finest youth lacrosse coach in Pennsylvania.   Simply put, he is Money.  His lacrosse pedigree is unmatched in coaching circles as is his passion for the game.  Josh has the unique ability to diagnose a players strengths and  weaknesses and explain them in a manner that a youth player understands.   This is no easy task when you are dealing with 10 and 11 year old boys who all want to be the next Paul Rabil.   Josh provides the tools and the encouragement and his players get better immediately.   I am proud to be a part of Team Money and its first championship.   Josh led Team Money to the U9 Championship at this summers Chocolate Town Shootout and my son still talks about it every day a month later.   Team Money is all about family and developing the toughness and winning attitude that champions are made of.   The Cooper Quad is committed to Team Money and we look forward to watching our boys expand their games and dominate on the field under Josh’s coaching for many years to come.  
​-Joe Cooper Mechanicsburg, PA

My son is 14, and he was able to attend Bergey's Lacrosse Camp for the past 2 years. He also was had the privilege of having Josh Bergey as a coach for DAWGS this summer. Let me tell you I have never been more impressed with a coach. Coach Bergey always went above and beyond with everything. My son has grown so much with his help. I would totally recommend his camp and anything he does to anyone. He truly is a remarkable coach. Thank you Coach Bergey for everything you do

​-Nicole Willcock

I want to thank Josh Bergey for not only being an amazing talented coach but mentor to my son! Josh coached our son in Dawgs this summer and he improved tremendously! He teaches kids things that will help your son as a player and person. We have four children and they have had numerous coaches throughout the years and Josh Bergey stands out by far the top!!!!! His talent, love of the sport, genuine connection and devotion with the kids is remarkable! Thank you for all you do!!!!!! Janie Nancarvis   THANK YOU Bergey's Lacrosse Camp! This summer's camp was such a great experience for my son. It was his first week in Mechanicsburg after leaving California and Coach Bergey made him feel welcome and really set the tone for the rest of the summer in a new place. He learned a lot, but more importantly, had a great time. He even walked away from the week with a new nickname…"West Coast"! :))

Caroline Lanclos