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The NCJLA staff is currently working with other youth sports leaders as part of the the CA Youth Sports Alliance. 

Copies of the letters sent to Governor Gavin Newsom:

October 16, 2020 (HERE)

December 11, 2020 (HERE)


If an NCJLA member club is offering lacrosse activities at this time we highly recommend they consult
with their local public health officials prior to the activity. The Dept of Public Health ultimately has jurisdiction over NCJLA club activities during the pandemic.

The NCJLA does NOT advise teams or players to travel out of state due to the risk. We encourage everyone to be responsible citizens and contribute to stopping the spread so we can return to play with out restrictions. 


The NCJLA Return to Play Planning Committee has completed and the NCJLA Board of Directors has approved the Game Protocols and resources listed below for use by the NCJLA Clubs.

A few items to note:

  1. Information related to the prevention and mitigation of infectious diseases such as COVID-19 are ongoing. Clubs who wish to use these plans and resources should check the version history. Updates will be made as information is provided by the State of CA and CDC.gov.

  2. The NCJLA  Infectious Disease Modification Plan is written for club administrators. The NCJLA highly recommends that clubs review this document internally. The Infectious Disease Plan is optional for clubs as of 3.13.2021. The NCJLA COVID-19 Game Protocols Sheet will supersede that document.

  3. The NCJLA will still need to know the point of contact for COVID-19 related issues for each club. This person is your club's Safety Manager. This person must have access to and be able to answer questions related to attendance records, rosters, club level COVID-19 protocols, and screening information (if screening is required by your public health dept.). Their role for the NCJLA is to communicate COVID-19 cases to the NCJLA that could effect an opposing team or the officials via the NCJLA Infectious Disease Reporting Form. Your county public health department may require other tasks or have adifferent title for this person. Clubs may designate anyone from their club leadeship to also serve in this role simultaneously. 


We encourage club leaders with ideas and resources that will make compliance with public safety requirements more manageable for NCJLA volunteers to submit them via email to execdirector@ncjla.org.


NCJLA Resources for Member Clubs

All materials below are based off of the CDC and State of California Dept. of Public Health guidance.






Optional Resources from Outside the NCJLA 


For questions related to information on this page or to request permission to use please email execdirector@ncjla.org.