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2v2 Drive and Dump



This is a pass back drill, so emphasis should be to drive to draw a slide, then either step back, or roll back to hit the POPing player.  The crease attack man must move oposite the ball and move to open a passing lane once his defender slides, and to maintain spacing to avoid the recovering defender.

Offensive player starts with the ball ten yards above the box with a defender.  A second off ball attacker is on the crease with a defender. 



To start, the ball carrier attacks the alley trying to get to the goal.  The crease attacker begins to move opposite the ball as a crease player should.  When the slide goes from the crease the crease attacker POPs up to receive a pass back and the play goes 2v2 to a finish.


Points: This teaches offensive purposeful dodging.  How to dodge to draw a slide and to get a player open.

It teaches off-ball movement to open up passing lanes, c-cutting, and following of a slide to increase shot angle.


Defensively it teaches to force a ball carrier down an alley into a slide/trap.  It teaches off-ball defense to slide with proper timing.



Add a third offensive attack-man on the back side to create a 3v2. 


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