Teton valley Idaho youth lacrosse victor driggs tetonia wolverines

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This is one drill that kids seem to absolutely love!



Full field with teams split evenly in black and white.

Four cones are placed, two on either sideline, each between the mid-line and the top of the restraining box.

Goalies at each end with three defenders and three attack.

Black midfielders on the two cones on the end that black defends and white midfielders on the two cones on the end they are defending.



Play starts with two red and two white players in an alternating line at the mid-line.  A ball is rolled out and they play out a 2v2 ground ball.  The winner attacks the others' goal.  Let’s say white wins, for this example.


If the ball is turned over, the first players in line at the red cones on either side break up field.  The offensive white players rush back to defend their goal.  The two red players that were defending exit the field and take places in line on the red cones.


Play continues up and down the field.  If a goal is scored, the drill is reset and restarted with a 2v2 GB at the mid-line.



  • Attack and D must prepare for fast breaks and react accordingly.
  • Emphasis and getting the ball off of the ground and moving it up field.
  • Push transition.
  • Clear to the outside.
  • Move the ball on offense.  Work to capitalize on an extra man advantage in transition.



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