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Hopkins; Modified



This is much like Hopkins but modified to keep players guessing and to make the drill less predictable.  It also adds another touch to each rep. 


Field is set up with three cones evenly spaced across the end-line and three cones evenly spaced across an imaginary line between the top of the restraining box and the mid-line.

Teams split even black/white.

There should be one offensive player and one defensive player at each cone.

Goalie in the cage.

Coach with bucket of ball on either sideline.

Start with white on 'O' and black on 'D', then alternate after each full round.



Play starts with the coach throwing a pass to the offensive player at one of the four cones at the corners, not one of the two middle cones. 


The player that catches that pass attacks the goal with that defending player covering him. 


When he attacks, the offensive player at the adjacent middle cone is released, but the defending player stays put. 


2V1 is payed to a finish with shot, dropped ball, etc. (no clears until the end.)


At finish, coach passes a new ball to any offensive player on a remaining cone. That player catches the ball and attacks with the defender from that cone covering. Now it is 3v2 played to a finish.


This repeats until 6v5 is played to a finish. 


Then one offensive player tries to get open for a pass from coach with a new ball.  The remaining lone defender on one of the middle cones enters and once the pass from coach is made, 6v6 is played to a finish. 


Play out a clear and reset the drill.



  • Defense progresses from an I, to a triangle, to a box, to a box and one, to man coverage.
  • Offense moves the ball quickly with man advantage.  Whistle blows when movement stalls.  Next two players then enter.
  • This can also be played with cones on the sidelines and the coach on the mid-line passing balls into the drill to give a new look and keep players guessing.


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