Teton valley Idaho youth lacrosse victor driggs tetonia wolverines

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Teams split even black/white.

Attack and Poles at end-line.  Middies at mid-line.

Buckets of balls at mid-line, and end-line.

Goalie in the cage.

Start with white on 'O' and black on 'D', then alternate after each full round.



Play starts with two attack men driving from behind with one defensive player defending.  2V1 is payed to a finish with shot, dropped ball, etc. (no clears until the end.)

At finish, another attack man drives with a new ball and one defender enters covering that attack man. Now it is 3v2 played to a finish.

Now a middie enters with a ball with one middie covering.  4V3 is played to a finish.

Another middie with a ball enters with a middie covering; 5v4 to a finish.

Then 6v5 to a finish.

One defender then enters and 6v6 is played to a finish followed by a clear.



  • Defense progresses from an I, to a triangle, to a box, to a box and one, to man coverage.
  • Offense moves the ball quickly with man advantage.  Whistle blows when movement stalls.  Next two players then enter.


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