Teton valley Idaho youth lacrosse victor driggs tetonia wolverines

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Full Field Add One



Full Field with 3 attack and 3 D at each end.  Three of each color are in lines on either sideline at the mid line at either end of the mid line.  Black on one side of the field, white on the other side.



Roll ball to first middies in each line for a 1v1 GB.  If black wins, then black attacks the goal and goes on O 4v4.  If goalie, or D gets the ball they clear and the white middie that is next in line is released and breaks out for a fast break.  If a goal is scored, roll a ball to the player in the front of the line of the team that was on defense to create a fast break.  When the ball hits the restraining box, the next black middie is released to go to the hole and play D.  This continues until all six middies are on the field.


If playing on a short or youth field the defensive player can be released with the first transition pass


Points: Focus on the usual points with sticks to the outside and making proper passes, catches and shots with the proper hand.


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