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  1. Practices may begin Saturday May 23rd
  2. Final date to opt in/out of upcoming season & select refund option - Thursday May 28th
  3. Opening Day - Friday June 12th
  4. Final Weekend - Saturday/Sunday August 15th/16th


Practices may begin Saturday 5/23/2020 unless North Shore Health Department delays mandate of no youth sports activities past 5/21

  1. No more than 10 people at a practice including coaches so coaches advised to split team into 2 squads and practice 45 minutes each with each squad
  2. Players required to bring own hand sanitizer to practiceNo use of dugouts at practices
  3. Batting cages off limits
  4. May not share equipment i.e. bats, helmets, gloves, etc, at practice
  5. Commissioners will be in charge of scheduling practice times at CCP until the start of the season
  6. Flow of Traffic for entering CCP for practices
    • Pee Wees enter via roundabout area
    • Minors enter via water tower side of field
    • Majors/Intermediates enter via center field


  1. Season will begin Friday 6/12 and will end weekend of Aug 15/16
  2. Only 2 games at a time
    • Weekday games 4:30 - 6 pm and 6:30 - 8 pm
    • Weekend games 9, 11, 1, 3, 5
    • Hard Stop of 90 minutes no matter the situation or part of inning you are at
  3. Only 1 Parent per child at field until further notice
  4. Batting cages may not be used pre-game until further notice and no batting practice on Pee Wee field pre game
  5. No post game speeches.  Teams should exit field immediately so next teams can enter field and warm up
  6. Players should remain in cars or off CCP grounds until previous teams have left and then enter respective field per Flow of Traffic listed above
  7. Bleachers may be used by parents during games with practicing of social distancing but encourage parents to remain spread out around the perimeter of the field


All players currently registered for participation in the Whitefish Bay Little League 2020 Spring/Summer Season are REQUIRED to complete the following 2020 season participation confirmation process by May 28, 2020. Players may not participate in any league activities, including practices, until they have completed this process. Before proceeding, please read and familiarize yourself with the attached WFBLL COVID-19 Guidelines & Policies For 2020.  For families with multiple players, this process must be completed for each child individually.

During this process you will be asked to either:

  1. Indicate that your child will participate this season and then read and complete the participation waiver; or,
  2. Indicate your reimbursement option from the following list if you choose not to have your child participate this season.
    • Receive a refund issued back to the credit card you used to pay your 2020 registration fees.
    • Receive a credit towards future 2021 registration fees.
    • Donate to Whitefish Bay Little League. Whitefish Bay Little League is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax-exempt organization and we are asking nonparticipating families to consider donating the value of their refund to support ongoing league activities. Your donation will be tax-deductible to the full extent of the law and Whitefish Bay Little League will send you a tax receipt.
  3. Please proceed to the "Register Online" tab of the wfbll.com website to submit your 2020 Season Participation & Reimbursement response, where you will be asked to sign into the wfbll.com website and then select “register” for your child to submit his/her response. Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact wfbll.reg@gmail.com


  1. To help with players who need a personal bat or helmet, WFBLL will be arranging dates and times for parents to drop off equipment to be distributed to players upon request of items.  
  2. Burghardt Sporting Goods in Fox Point is offering 25% off discount for those who wish to purchase personal equipment for upcoming season


  1. Spectator Code of Conduct:
    • Whitefish Bay Little League (WFBLL) expects all spectators at Craig Counsell Park (CCP) to follow good social distancing habits and policies listed below to help make the CCP experience as safe and enjoyable for all in attendance.  There will be a ZERO TOLERANCE policy if not adherent to the guidelines listed below
  2. Wearing masks and other PPE is up to the discretion of parents, coaches and players while at CCP.  No one will be discouraged from wearing masks or PPE.
    • If someone forgets a personal mask, masks will be available upon request at the Shack thanks to a generous charitable donation.  Please request mask from the Board Member on Duty (BMOD)
  3. Players, Umpires, Coaches, Workers, BMOD, and Parents/Fans may not attend games if experiencing any of the following symptoms:
    • Fever
    • constant cough
    • aches and pains
    • sore throat
    • diarrhea
    • shortness of breath
    • chills or sweats
    • other flu like symptoms
  4. Hand Sanitizer will be located at a minimum of 10 locations throughout CCP
    • Parents should provide their child with his/her own personal hand sanitizer to utilize during practices and games
  5. Disinfectant will be available throughout CCP as well as in spray bottles in the dugouts for coaches to utilize when needed
  6. Bathrooms should only have 1 person at a time and remain 6 feet apart in line
  7. First Aid Kits will be available in every dug out as well as at the Shack
  8. Playground is off limits for the 2020 season
  9. Water fountains will be turned off until further notice
  10. The Shack will not be open for food/drink until further notice
  11. Batting cages will be closed during games and practice times until further notice
  12. Spitting is not permitted at CCP
  13. No food, including gum or sunflower seeds, are permitted in dugouts in 2020 nor permitted on CCP grounds by spectators during games or practices until further notice
    • Players may bring a water bottle or sports drink as long as clearly labelled with name of player and should remain in personal baseball bag when not in use
    • Food and drinks should not be shared among players
  14. No team huddles or “putting hands in” before, during, or after games
  15. No lining up of teams to shake hands after the game
  16. No team meetings by coaches after games.  Parents, coaches, and players are asked to immediately exit CCP so the next teams may begin warming up
  17. Flow of Traffic at CCP:
    • Pee Wees enter and exit field before and after game by the roundabout
    • Minors enter and exit field before and after game by the water tower
    • Majors/Intermediates enter and exit field before and after game via center field
    • Teams waiting to warm up should remain in car or away from CCP until previous game ends and teams have exited the field
  18. Home plate umpires in Minors, Majors, and Intermediates will call balls/strikes from near pitcher’s mound
    • No umpire gear is required but umpire calling balls/strikes by pitcher’s mound may choose to wear own mask if preferred
    • Each umpire will have his/her own clicker throughout the year
    • Field umpire is in charge operating scoreboard and remote should be disinfected before use in next game
    • Umpires should not enter dugouts and should keep personal water/sports drink safe distance away from players on the field and along the fence
    • Umpires should not obtain signatures from coaches on scoresheets after the game.  Coaches can review from a safe distance and acknowledge accurate pitch counts/scores and then umpires will provide scoresheets to BMOD
  19. Each player is required to have his/her own batting helmet, glove, and bat.  
    • No sharing of batting helmets, gloves, or bats
    • Coaches may provide helmets supplied by WFBLL to players who do not already own one and players should place masking tape with name on helmet and maintain responsibility of the helmet until the end of the year.
    • Please contact Whitefish Bay Little League if you do not have personal bat or batting helmet.  
    • After a player completes his/her at bat, the player or coach returning bat of another player to the bat rack should grab by the barrel of the bat.
    • Pee Wees are NOT required to have facemasks on helmets this year
  20. Catchers
    • No catchers in Pee Wees this year
    • No more than 2 catchers per game per team.  Catchers may switch only once during game so may not alternate innings between the catchers and may not have initial catcher return later in game
    • If catcher does not have his/her own mask, then mask and helmet must be disinfected before the next player may use
    • If there is an injury, mask and helmet must be disinfected and allowed to dry for 3 minutes before next player may use if this player does not have his/her own catcher’s mask
    • Catcher’s equipment should be disinfected after completion of game before placing in equipment bag
  21. Baseballs
    • Minor/Majors/Intermediates
      • Coaches were provided baseballs at the beginning of the season and should provide game balls to pitchers when in the field.  Each team will be responsible for providing the game balls for their own pitchers throughout the game
    • Pee Wees
      • Coach operating the Zooka will provide 9 baseballs in his/her own bucket while team is batting
  22. Dugouts
    • Pee Wees, Minors, Majors, and Intermediates players will have assigned spots along fence on 1st and 3rd base lines outside of field 6 feet apart to place bags and equipment.  Coaches should try to keep this in order of batting line up
    • While up to bat:
      • On deck hitter may be in the on-deck area of the dugout
      • Next 2 batters may be in dugout
      • Once player hitting is out or has scored, he/she returns to assigned spot along the fence
      • In Pee Wees, parent is encouraged to be near his/her child
    • When a team is in the field, players who are not in the game may be in the dugout distanced from other teammates.
    • 1 coach may be in the dugout at a time.  Other coaches may be coaching 1st base, 3rd base, (operating Zooka in Pee Wees), or along the fence
  23. Picnic tables are off limits until further notice
    • Parents may bring their own chairs, stand along fences, or sit in bleachers practicing good social distancing standards
    • 1 Pee Wee parent is encouraged to be near child along fence while awaiting for turn to bat
  24. If a player or coach tests + for COVID-19, please notify WFBLL immediately.  
    • WFBLL will keep the name of the affected person confidential but the team as well as the most recent team played will be notified about a + case.
    • The player/coach will not be allowed to return to his/her team x 14 days
    • Will follow NSHD policy on further action to be taken.
  25. The above rules and policies can be revised at any point during the season at the discretion of the Whitefish Little League Board
  26. The above rules and policies will be enforced by the BMOD to the best of his/her discretion.
  27. If spectators see above policies not being followed, please notify BMOD at CCP

(5/20/20 Version)