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3v2 Drills

These are all intended to be played fast, with fast reps, and to simulate a breakdown during a game where players find themselves in a man-down situation.  3v2 drills are an excellent way to get players new to the game caught up.  There should be a ton of hidden conditioning in all of these drills, if run properly.

These drills, by nature, force players to learn specific skills.

On offense the Three Rules of Transition are very much apparent.  

1: Get ahead of the ball: Off ball players must get ahead of the ball to be an effective part of the play.

2: Get Covered: Ball carrier must get a defensive player to commit to covering them, and thus leaving the odd player open.

3: Move The Ball: Once covered, the ball carrier MUST move the ball.

If play becomes stagnant, or slow, or the ball is on the ground for too long, blow the whistle and start another rep.


Offense skills:  

  • Sticks to the outside
    • Passes and catches made with the proper hand
    • Challenge them with their stick skills
  • Carries, and drives to get covered
    • NOT dodging
    • Players learn to fill with carries
  • Competitive ground balls
  • Quick play, passes, and shooting


Defensive Skills:

  • Communication
    • “BALL”
    • “TWO”
    • Be loud!
  • Positioning
    • Butt down, chest up
    • Not allowing the middle
    • Sticks in passing lanes