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Crunched Field Clearing



“Crunch the field” by eliminating the alleys of the field so that play has to be the length of the field and between the outside lines of the restraining boxes.  Now split the field into three “zones.”  The defensive end restraining box (Zone 1), the space between the boxes (Zone 2), and the offensive end restraining box (Zone 3).


Zone 1 has three attack against three defensemen and a goalie.

Zone 2 has two middies on each of the clearing and defending team.

Zone 3 has three attack, three defensemen, and a goalie.



Start with a toss to the goalie that he saves and clearing begins. The defensive group in Zone 1 must make three passes before they can advance to Zone 2.  They are essentially playing 4v3 keep away.  Once three passes are achieved, one ball carrier may advance to Zone 2 with the ball.  Once in Zone 2, the clearing team plays 3v2 keep away with three mandatory passes before they may advance.


Once three passes are achieved in Zone 2, one ball carrier sprints into Zone 3 where a 3v4 fast break occurs.



          For younger players, shorten the field and create only two zones to force a fast break on the offensive end of the field.


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