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The Cadet Drill ND



On a half field, three attack/three D and a goalie are in the restraining box.  Across the midfield line are three pairs of O middies and D middies.  (For the example, black is O and white is D).  The offensive midfielders assign themselves a number 1-3, but don't tell anyone else.



Play starts with either a white clear from the goalie.  The clear occurs with ONLY the three attack and three defense players in the restraining box.  To start, white is clearing the ball.  As a white player nears the midline, the #1 white steps forward and calls for the ball.


  When he receives a pass from the clearing player, he sprints in to attack the goal 4v3.  After he makes the first pass to an attack player, the black defensive middie is released and comes to defend the play making it 4v4.  Play to a finish, then imediately clear, again with those players remaining on the field.  This time the #2 middie calls for the ball, gets it and attacks with his defender following after the first pass.  This repeats for the #3 middie and ends with a clear.


This is a difficult drill to describe.  Please watch the Notre Dame Video for help.


This drill forces the defense to drop in, communicate, slide and rotate in a number of different situations.  Communication is key.  Offensively, Attack must get back in and get set up in a fast break L and communicate.


Variation:  Pare numbers down to allow for smaller number teams.


Notre Dame video link.