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Breakout Maverick



Goalies and/or coaches on either side of goal at GLE with buckets of balls.

Midfielders in two lines near restraining box, lines running north/south, even with goal pipes.


Middies at the front of both lines break up field, then out toward the sideline. 

When pass does not come, they break back to the ball.

The goalie/coach will then hit them with an outlet pass.

Middies then turn outside and move up field.

Coach/goalie can either hit the middie with an over the shoulder or pause to simulate the goalie having trouble with an outlet.  Then coach/goalie hits them when they return to the ball.



  • Sticks must be to the outside.
  • After catching, stick remains to the outside and Middie keeps moving to the outside of the field.
  • Hard passes.


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