Teton valley Idaho youth lacrosse victor driggs tetonia wolverines

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4v4 to 4v3, Back to Even



          4v4 where each defender is numbered 1-4. Players must remember their number.

          Cone at some point away from play to the side, up top, or behind.  It must be far enough away to give the offense a quick man up situation to take advantage of.



          Begin play 4v4.  At an opportune moment, call out a number 1, 2, 3, or 4.  The defender that has that number must break off of play and run around the cone giving the offensive team a momentary extra player.



          Players should learn to recognize an extra player advantage and find the open player.  Defensive players should recognize when they are short and communicate appropriately.  The defender running around the cone must evaluate the play and recover to the open player and communicate appropriately.  Goaliue communication here is essential.


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