Teton valley Idaho youth lacrosse victor driggs tetonia wolverines

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4v3x2 Bryant



Seven cones spaced evenly across the field at the midline. Four attackers and three defenders alternating across cones.



Start with a pass to an attacker from coach (Once the pass is made, all seven players are released from their cones), then the attacking team goes to the goal as hard as possible for 4v3 fast break.  Play to a finish.  Second ball is immediately rolled out for settled 4v3 to a finish. Then clear.


Run reps as quickly as possible.


Focus: Focus is on quick play, finding open players, and reacting to a new ball coming in. Usual focus on sticks being to the outside, communication on defense, etc.

Variation: Smaller number and field for smaller numbers.  Try running from behind the goal.


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