Teton valley Idaho youth lacrosse victor driggs tetonia wolverines

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3v3v3 USA Transition



Short field (20 yards) with a goal at each end.  Place three teams in three colors (black/white/no pinnies), one on each end of the field, and one waiting on sideline.


Start with one team on their defensive end clearing to the other end and attacking.  Play to a finish.  If the initial team scores, they check the ball and ‘make it, take it’.  But as soon as attacking team does not score, loses possession, throws ball out, etc, they are out and the defending team now attacks the other way as the waiting team runs on to defend.  The initial attacking team to the sideline to await their next turn to go back on.


Run reps as quickly as play will allow.



O: Half motion offense with on and off-ball picks.

D: Slide and recover.


Variation: With larger numbers, move goals out and play 4v4.  Smaller numbers; play 2v2.  Add in not shooting unless shot  opportunity is created by a pick.


Sahre the play link.