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Do you want to Coach?


Providing a quality Football or Cheerleading experience starts with having coaches dedicated to guiding and instructing the players and cheerleaders.  


The Township of Byram requires the following for all people stepping onto the field with the kids (Note: These requirements are in place for all youth programs that use Byram Township facilities.  If you have fulfilled these requirements for other programs, you do not have to fulfill them a second time):

  1. Attend and pass the Rutgers Safety Course.  This is a one-time course.  Byram offers this course periodicly through the year.  Contact the Byram Township Recreation Department for information on scheduling and fees.
  2. Fingerprints and background checks to be performed every 5 years.


The Lenape Valley Football and Cheer Program has some additional requirements that pertain to the safety of our kids:

  1. All coaches must go through a CDC approved concussion awareness program annually.
  2. Padded Level Football coaches, in accordance to MCYFL guidelines, must take the USA Football coaching certification course annually.
  3. Padded Level Cheer squad head coaches must maintain a current AACCA.
  4. All coaching candidates are to be approved by the executive board anually. 


If you have any questions regarding becoming a Coach for the Lenape Valley Football and Cheerleading Program, please contact the following individuals: 

  • For Football Coaches (Padded and Flag levels), contact our Football Director at lvpfbdirector@gmail.com.
  • For Cheer Coaches (Padded and Flag levels), contact our Cheer Director at lvpchrdirector@gmail.com.


If you are interested in Coaching in 2022, please use the following links to apply.