Teton valley Idaho youth lacrosse victor driggs tetonia wolverines

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3v2 From Sides



Place a line of cones extending up field from either goal post.

Place two lines about five yards off of that line, and three lines to the opposite side of the goal.  Coach stands with balls between the two defensive lines and starts play by throwing a ball to any one of the three offensive players. 



3v2 Begins with a pass from the coach to any one of the offensive players.  As the pass Is made, the two defensive players are released to address the ball. Play is restricted to the offensive side of the goal.


Points: Focus on sticks on the outside and forcing a slide and a dump. As players develop this is a great drill to encourage wheel routes.  Defensively it forces players to anticipate and recover.


Variations: Play from either side of the goal.

Start from wither side, top, or bottom.


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