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2v1 to 2v2 Hartford Drill



Two lines on either side of restraining box.  One side of box is Black, one White.



Start ball with white. 

One black comes out to defend. 

Play 2v1. 

The last White to touch the ball runs to the top of the restraining box (Or to a cone somewhere) while two new blacks enter with a ball and attack.  The new group plays 2v1 until the running White returns from his run and then goes 2v2.  The last black to touch then goes on a run while two new Whites attack...



Run drill from top and bottom.


Points:  Offensive players must move quickly to draw the defensive player, get open, and get a quality shot off.

Defensive player must initially address the ball and stall the offense.  Second defensive player must drop in the hole, assess the situation, and recover to the open offensive player.


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