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To keep organized, and also try to drive more usage of the batting cages, we have set the cages up as its own facility in the system.  On the master schedule each day you can see if there are any team's assigned to the cages.  You must email to request cage time for your teams and you will be assigned to that slot so there is no confusion if another team is there when you get there.

There will be no teams allowed to use the cages 30 minutes prior to any Minor's or Major's games on Volunteer or Broadway.  This is the same rule that has always applied.  The teams playing those games are assigned the cages for 30 minutes prior to their scheduled start times.  You can take the times during games though.

If you would like to schedule the batting cages, email the following people to approve and assign them to you in the system.  Please log into the site and check to make sure the spot is available before asking.

Mike Sica   /  Joe Pomaro  /  Danny Nazaruk