South Shore Sticks is a competitive girls lacrosse organization whose mission is to inspire, motivate and support young female players, both on and off the lacrosse field.
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Our mission is provide reasonably priced comprehensive sports training that is focused on the holistic development of the athlete.  Private lacrosse coaches from South Shore Sticks help your daughter maximize her lacrosse potential.   Whether she is just beginning,  intermediate or a lacrosse pro, a private lacrosse coach can help her get to the next level. Components of our private coaching training include:

Mental Training
Self-talk, Goal Setting, Awareness & Control, Confidence Building, Visualization, Relaxation, Motivation, Concentration, Performance Enhancement

 Physical Training
Functional Training specific to position and tasks, Strength and Conditioning

 Lacrosse Coaching
Efficient and Effective Drills and Instruction tailored to the athlete

Sessions last Approx. 1 hour.

Our training sessions include:

    •    Basic Instruction and Skill Development: For beginners who have had limited exposure to the game of lacrosse we emphasize the rules of the game, position responsibilities, and basic ball handling and stick techniques. Upon mastering this area, girls are ready to advance into a more intense environment.
    •    Intense Skills Training: For advanced players we focus on areas of weakness and make them more well rounded players. Our drills are very focused and extremely challenging even for advanced players. The nuances of the game, the details, and the psyche of are all explored in these sessions.
    •    Athletic Training: For all levels. Players work individually or in small groups to improve their athleticism and conditioning.

4 Session Package Minimum:

Private _ $39 Per Person/ Individual Session ($175 for package)

Group Sessions 2+  players  ($29  per person/per hour).


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