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Links to Coaching Certifications:

Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y Certification: http://youthsports.rutgers.edu/

Heads Up Concussion Certification: https://www.cdc.gov/headsup/youthsports/training/index.html

YCADA Coaches Course for Cheer:


The Y100 Series:

  • Y101PW - For first time coaches

  • Y102PW - Refresher Course

  • Y103PW - Recertification course for coaches who have already taken Y101PW & Y102PW


Returning coaches will then rotate between the Y102PW & Y103PW each year.

Click on appropriate course 

There is a $25 charge

USA Football: http://www.usafootball.com

Directions for USA football:
  • Click My Dashboard
  • Login or Create Login
  • Organization: Edison Athletic Association 
  • Ceritfication for Youth Tackle Certification - there is  $15 charge

All Volunteers need to have background checks completed. This background checks last for 2 years

Please contact webmaster@edisonjets.com to get the link to complete your background check