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UMYA Competitive / Travel Soccer


Note:  Registration for tryouts for our Fall 2019 / Spring 2020 season is closed.  If you missed the registration deadline but are still interested in trying out send an email to umyasoccer@gmail.com.  Depending on your child's age and gender we may be able to accept them but please note there are some age groups where we can not accept any additional registrations.  For those signed up, just a reminder that tryouts will be held on April 30, May 1 and May 2.  More details will sent out by mid April.


Travel soccer is a competitive program. All players are welcome to attend try-outs, but not all will be invited to join a team. Once invited to join, playing time is not guaranteed. Additionally, once on a team, players will still need to try-out each year to maintain their roster spot. 


Who should play Travel soccer?

It's important to understand that travel soccer is not for everyone, and that in many cases, a player and his or her family may be better served by our intramural program. To be successful in travel soccer, children should show a high level of ability, and their families should recognize that a greater commitment, both in terms of attendance at practices and games as well as financially, is required. 

When are the games held?

Travel games are typically held on the weekend, which could be either Sunday or Saturday. Tournament games are typically held on Saturdays and Sundays; tournaments are discussed below in more detail.

What are tryouts? What must my child do?

Tryouts are held every spring during the first week of May, and all interested children in an age group are encouraged to attend. Tryouts are essentially handled like a practice, with coaches or trainers leading the sessions.  Ball control, foot skills, speed, an understanding of the game and other factors are assessed by the coaches. Within a week of the try-out sessions coaches will offer roster positions to existing and new potential players.  Alternatively they may contact the player's parent or guardian to discuss areas where the child should focus on improving.


What, specifically, does the “travel” part of Travel Soccer entail?

Many families considering this level of soccer for the first time fear that "travel’ means that they will be committing to driving out to far away locations every weekend throughout the season, but this is generally NOT the case. League games- roughly 9 per season- are played within a 30-80 minute driving distance,  however, about half of the games will be at UMYA’s ‘home’ fields. Tournaments on the other hand, although not as frequent, may be farther away.  The type and location of the tournaments your child's team will play is dependent on the coach's discretion. 


Tournaments comprise a large part of the travel soccer experience, and the children love them. Tournament weekends generally mean a team will definitely play two games on Saturday and at least one on Sunday, with the possibility of more games on Sunday afternoon if the team reaches the semi-finals or finals. Most teams play two to four tournaments per year. 


How many hours a week will my child practice?

Generally speaking, travel teams practice twice a week for an hour and a half during the regular season. Sometimes a team will add a third night with a special trainer or to work on a specific aspect of the game such as footwork or shooting.


I’ve heard travel soccer is essentially a year- round sport?

Travel teams train and play, indoors or outdoors, about 10 months out of the year. After tryouts in April the month of May typically rounds out the season for the previous year's team.  During June and July the new year's teams are formed however training is generally light as most families opt to take their vacations then.  Regular practices begin in late July or early August in preparation for the September start of the Fall season.   The Fall season usually winds down by the second weekend in November. Some teams take a brief break until after Christmas. After January 1, the majority of teams start practicing again indoors and get ready for indoor league play. All indoor leagues and training ends sometime between mid-March and early April. Around the middle of March the Spring outdoor season begins. 


How much does it cost to have a child play travel soccer? 

The typical total cost per child will be within the range of $200 to $500.  Note that this cost includes the following:
Annual registration
League fees
Referee fees
Miscellaneous fees

Full comparision of Rec (NVYSL) and Travel (RBJSL) is below:



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Season                      Fall & Spring (1yr)
Fall Practice             July-Nov
Spring Practice        Feb-April
# of Practices           2-3 week
Fall Games               9 games
Spring Games          6 Games 
Playoffs                     Tier 1 playoffs in Fall
Home games            4 (usually 5) Fall home games, 3 Spring
Drive time                 Up to 1.25 hrs (Average 45 minutes)
Tournaments            Usually 2 or more (yr)
Player skill                Basic-Experienced
Level of Play             T2-Structured Recreational, T1-Structured
Costs to play             Family Membership
                                    Soccer Registration-Competitive & Travel
Requirements          UMYA sign up & Tryout
                                    (Player is available for NYVSL if not picked).
                                    This is a higher level of play and commitment.
                                    Not all players may be invited to play at this level.

For questions or any additional information,  contact Randy Faurl at umyasoccer@gmail.com